Winterisation / Restart Care Plan

This plan is for customers who are not going to be using the spa in the winter months. Leaving a hot tub empty through the winter months in Scotland can be extremely harmful.

Ice and frost can lead to cracks in pipe work, glue and seals. This can cause leaks and put a spa out of use. By getting one of our award winning, factory trained technicians out, you reduce the chances of this happening by a large margin.

What's included?

Lifetime warranty?

No problem, you are covered now

Once your hot tub is serviced you will qualify for 12 months free extended warranty on the parts listed below.

The cover is 50% of the components RRP, this does not cover call out charges or labour costs.

Additional servicing costs are applied to areas outwith a 50 mile radius of the showroom.

Hot tub service from £150 (inc VAT)
Swim spa service from £250 (inc VAT)

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